Aspartame's Safety is Reconfirmed by EFSA
The European Food Safety Authority published on 10th December its opinion on aspartame, reconfirming its safety and the fact that aspartame, and its digested components, bring nothing new to our diet.

Aspartame is made from two amino acids, the building blocks of protein that occur widely in everyday foods and drinks. When we consume products with aspartame, it is digested to small amounts of common dietary components. Apart from an excellent sweet taste without calories, aspartame brings nothing new to our diet.

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Orange juice...
Did you know that
orange juice contains
the same components
as aspartame?
Aspartame tastes like sugar. Many taste tests have shown that people cannot tell the difference between products sweetened with aspartame and those sweetened with sugar. It means that we can all enjoy many sweet foods and drinks, without having to worry about calorie intake.
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