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Foods and drinks with aspartame help you lose weight

The latest, very thorough review of the science on low calorie sweeteners and body weight concludes that substituting low calorie sweetened options for their full calorie equivalents results in weight loss and is helpful in successful weight management


Approved the world over

Aspartame has been in use for more than thirty years. It is one of the most thoroughly tested ingredients in the food supply and has been approved by the European Food Safety Authority, by the United States Food and Drug Administration, by experts of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organisation, and by regulatory agencies in more than 100 countries.

some sources of aspartame components
Orange juice...
Did you know that
orange juice contains
the same components
as aspartame?
Qs & As
Answers to questions that are sometimes asked.
Many taste tests have shown that people cannot tell the difference between products sweetened with aspartame and those sweetened with sugar. It means that we can all enjoy many sweet foods and drinks, without having to worry about calorie intake.